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Speakers July 2017

10th July 2017

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Ws 1-1 ofsteds common inspection framework ppt537.00 KB
Ws1-2 step down pbr pptx1,735.96 KB
Ws 1-3presentation nafp commissioning survey pptx299.24 KB
Ws 1-5 outcomes for children- dovetailing approaches pptx2,937.01 KB
Ws 1-6. does bigger always have to be better pptx5,366.09 KB
Ws 1-7 high needs funding 9.07.17 claire dorer pptx1,064.74 KB
Ws 1-9 saving money whilst improving outcomes for care leavers presentation ncctc 2017 pptx4,991.74 KB
Ws 1-11 standard v specialist workshoppon pptx785.78 KB
Ws 1-12 outcome based commissioning- capturing the voice of the child ppt2,904.50 KB
Ws 1-13 youth mental health first aid pptx6,322.67 KB
Ws 1-14 innovative commissioning in leaving and aftercare services pptx404.26 KB
Ws 1-15 ofsteds pilot of the new la inspection pptx343.83 KB
Foster focus-luke rodgers pdf19,986.16 KB
Luke rodgers pdf2,268.29 KB

11th July 2017 AM

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Ws 2-1 removing profit from childrens services tact pcc commisioning presentation pptx5,766.94 KB
Ws 2-2 delivering social value pptx9,315.75 KB
Ws 2-4 understanding the evidence base and theory pptx2,889.23 KB
Ws 2-6 therapeutic care- why therapy isnt all it is cracked up to be pdf1,547.30 KB
Ws 2-7 revolving front door pptx2,852.73 KB
Ws 2-8 is it really worth it pptx13,802.59 KB
Ws 2-9 what makes a good referral pptx826.38 KB
Ws 2-10 the nurture model in school ppt617.00 KB
Ws 2-12 what do commissioners think about the children's homes sector pptx574.63 KB
Ws 2-13 collaborative working to improve outcomes for young people - no notes pptx338.80 KB
Ws 2-14 supporting sibs from the germ of an idea pptx2,903.94 KB

11th July 2017 PM

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Ws 3-1 cartels etc leca 11.07.17 final ppt693.50 KB
Ws3-2 thehorsecourse presentation for conference workshop v3 pptx29,011.41 KB
Ws 3-3 assisted boarding ppt431.00 KB
Ws 3-4 consortia working pptx415.36 KB
Ws 3-6 lancashire art presentation ppt332.50 KB
Ws 3-7 working in partnership delivering child focussed outcomes pptx4,301.75 KB
Ws 3-9 how to use grant funding effectively pptx878.21 KB
Ws 3-10 been there, tendered that, got the ppt4,199.00 KB
Ws 3-11 financial markets- news research pdf7,977.78 KB
Ws 3-12 outcome based commissioning- capturing the voice of the child pptx1,216.88 KB
Ws 3-13 ressst is an anagram of stress presentation june 2017 version 2 ppt145.50 KB