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Speakers Nov 2016

24th November 2016

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Ws 1-1 tricuro- establishing a multi- council latc pptx3,825.22 KB
Ws 1-2 better care presentation pptx962.59 KB
Ws 1-3 market shaping- best practice and new ideas ipc pdf1,003.97 KB
Ws 1-5 actual cost of care in residential and nursing homes presentationncctc pptx479.60 KB
Ws 1-8 national framework ccaps pdf2,058.08 KB
Ws 1-9 do outcomes based contracts work pdf1,465.31 KB

Commissioning in Partnership

25th November 2016 AM

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Ws 2-1 commissioning in times of austerity pptx74.41 KB
Ws 2-2 working together- learning together pptx20,185.52 KB
Ws 2-3 the wigan deal - national commissioning and contracts conference 2016 pptx10,542.23 KB
Ws 2-4 value chain commissioning ppt1,909.00 KB
Ws 2-5 how to allow and encourage new models of working and innovation within the regs pptx2,116.72 KB
Ws 2-6 population health workshop pptx19,806.70 KB
Ws 2-6 stps new models of care and prevention - nov 16 ba slides pptx1,404.04 KB
Ws 2-6 3 of 3 population health workshop pptx1,405.52 KB
Ws 2-7 community catalysts and somerset cc presentation 2016 stc update pptx3,432.51 KB

25th November 2016 PM

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Ws 3-1 hants dom care engagement slides pptx2,385.78 KB
Ws 3-2 better pathways to care pptx942.55 KB
Ws 3-3 proud to care pptx11,464.96 KB
Ws 3-4 star procurement a category manager approach to collaboration within people services pptx292.70 KB
Ws 3-5 enhanced health care in residential homes pptx1,020.37 KB
Ws 3-6 social impact bonds and payment by results v2 pptx1,396.95 KB
Ws 3-7 ressst is an anagram of sress presentation march 2016 version 2 ppt143.00 KB