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Delegate List

9th June 2016

File TypeSize
Ws 1-1 cost effective solution to shrinking budgets pdf1,563.47 KB
Ws 1-2 public procurement regime for childrens services - new regulations one year on 7.6.16 leca ppt712.50 KB
Ws 1-3 a lot of effort but worth it’: commissioners’ experiences of social impact bonds? pptx241.00 KB
Ws 1-4 financial pewrformance of childrens service providers - and the state of the market pdf3,280.08 KB
Ws 1-5 been there tendered that got the contract ppt862.50 KB
Ws 1-8 no wrong door pptx2,392.99 KB
Ws 1-10 from frozen to fluid pptx3,405.33 KB
Ws 1-11 the future of ofsted inspections pptx213.97 KB

10th June 2016 AM

File TypeSize
Ws 2-1 parallel parenting using foster carers to return children home pptx1,190.73 KB
Ws 2-2 commissioning of an outcome based 16semi indnty framework pptx193.01 KB
Ws 2-3 ofsted- myths - do the regs stop innovation pptx311.98 KB
Ws 2-6 in care - out of trouble pptx436.84 KB
Ws 2-7 try before you buy pdf2,561.17 KB
Ws 2-8 specialist provision for sexually harmful behaviour pptx2,208.64 KB
Ws 2-10 engaging young people in commissioning pdf1,596.92 KB
Ws 2-11 effecting positive change with high risk complex yps pptx190.57 KB

10th June 2016 PM

File TypeSize
Ws 3-1 staying put ppt656.00 KB
Ws 3-2 dsru lac system dynamics proposal pdf2,593.90 KB
Ws 3-3 every child matter- every penny counts pptx425.47 KB
Ws 3-4 yp involvement in procurement ppt1,369.00 KB
Ws 3-6 education health care plans pdf3,052.19 KB
Ws 3-7 salford pft ppt324.00 KB
Ws 3-9 outcomes complexity and trust pptx1,177.58 KB
Ws 3-10 step change evidence based innovation programme ppt2,860.00 KB
Ws 3-11 wood from the trees consortia - your way through consortia maze pptx1,263.34 KB
Ws 3-11 appendix 1 fostering and residential child care consortia as at 3rd june 2016 docx44.54 KB
Ws 3-11 recommendations template docx30.87 KB

Glen Shaw Q & A at NCCTC 2016