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Speakers July 2015

2nd July 2015

File TypeSize
Ws 1-1 values for money social pedagogy pdf703.75 KB
Ws 1-2 personal budgets pdf5,601.39 KB
Ws 1-3 returning children to middlesbrough project pdf2,813.99 KB
Ws 1-4 attachment aware schools ppt3,246.00 KB
Ws 1-7 no wrong door pptx1,314.26 KB
Ws 1-8 an innovative approach to behaviour management for children pptx401.38 KB
Ws 1-9 transformation - a commissioners standpoint pptx2,361.44 KB
Ws 1-10 measuring outcomes part 1 pptx850.15 KB
Ws 1-10 outcomes tracker part 2 docx182.45 KB
Ws 1-10 provider - master outcomes tracking spreadsheet part 3 xlsx96.53 KB
Ws1- 11 financial stability pptx1,137.62 KB
Ws 1-12 data protection for commissioners - ico presentation pptx5,442.40 KB

3rd July 2015 AM

File TypeSize
Ws 2-1 building on our assets pptx2,435.54 KB
Ws 2-2 making it personal pdf2,235.87 KB
Ws 2-3 adoption new model pptx3,487.28 KB
Ws 2-5 ofsted framework 1 pptx1,006.99 KB
Ws 2-6 fostering sib pbr pptx2,623.71 KB
Ws 2-7 procurement and practice for childrens services - an overview leca 02.07 ppt682.50 KB
Ws 2-8 commissioning for run-aways pptx1,340.73 KB
Ws 2-9 cse safe steps to solutions pptx149.08 KB
Ws 2 10 commissioning isnt working pptx331.09 KB
Ws 2-11 outcome measures pptx1,499.06 KB
Ws 2 12. buy now pay later. social impact bonds. pptx2,988.45 KB

3rd July 2015 PM

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Ws 3-1 national contracts update 2015 pptx1,720.09 KB
Ws 3-2 therapeutic residential care homes pptx139.13 KB
Ws 3-3 ccrag 3 7 2015 ppt1,566.00 KB
Ws 3-5 most appropriate placement pptx280.66 KB
Ws 3-6 contract models tendering practices ppt1,221.00 KB
Ws 3-7 family drug alcohol court pptx74.96 KB
Ws 3-8 lessons learnt from the west midlands regional tender pptx113.91 KB
Ws 3-9 keeping the chimp inmind pptx4,200.77 KB
Ws3-10 bridging the gap1 ppt528.50 KB
Ws 3-10 bridging the gap 2 ppt397.50 KB