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Mark Kerr Critical Appraisal for Outcomes.pdf

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1st July 2013

File TypeSize
WS 1-1 Options Appraisal Tool docx68.91 KB
WS 1-2 National Contracts Update 2013 pptx1,954.93 KB
WS 1-3 Supplier and Contract Management Presentation 27-6-13 pptx973.84 KB
WS 1-4 Lessons from Essex pptx823.26 KB
WS 1-5 Child Abuse through Exploitatiion pptx2,316.02 KB
WS 1-6 Hillcrest Oaklands College Presentation pptx114.95 KB
WS1-8 Risk Assessment in Social Care and SEN doc1,172.50 KB
WS 1- 9 Integration and Externalisation pptx429.97 KB
WS 1-10 NCCTC Home to School Transport Presentation pptx4,192.43 KB
WS 1-12 Rees Centre Research doc122.50 KB
WS1-12 Rees Recommendations doc127.50 KB

2nd July 2013 AM

File TypeSize
WS 2-1 Non Complaining Body ppt672.00 KB
WS 2-2 Children and Families Bill 2013 - what will pptx593.98 KB
WS 2-4 National Funding Formula Guidance ppt97.00 KB
WS 2-5 NYASConference Workshop 1 ppt220.00 KB
WS 2- 6 Other Arrangements ppt734.50 KB
WS 2-7 ST Christophers 3 pptx2,182.69 KB
WS 2-7 St Christophers pptx277.86 KB
WS 2-7 St Christophers Q Pack pptx1,471.48 KB
WS 2-10 Hertfordshires Journey As A SEND Pathfinder A ppt4,192.00 KB
Ws 2-10 SEND Pathfinder Briefing doc360.50 KB
WS 2-12 Improving Outcomes for LAC ppt1,286.00 KB

2nd July 2013 PM

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Main PlatformTroubled Family Presentation July 2nd ppt2,181.50 KB
WS 3-2 WLA Presentation 2nd July pptx552.99 KB
WS 3-3 CompetitiveTendering Guidance ppt355.00 KB
WS 3-3 Effective Tendering - Rakesh J Mistry pdf88.89 KB
WS 3-3 Tendering ppt185.00 KB
WS 3-3 Tendering Part two ppt185.00 KB
WS 3-4 Delegated Authority ppt1,542.50 KB
WS 3-5 Dom Care and Personal Support Framework pptx167.09 KB
WS 3-6 Delegated Authority pptx984.53 KB
WS 3-7 Co-Producing ppt2,870.50 KB
WS 3-8 DfE residential Reforms pptx108.63 KB